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Welcome to ACE Credit Union Services. This site is for anyone interested in credit unions or who is involved in their development. Through this website ACE members can get access to up to date policy and procedure files and download valuable information of subjects such as Compliance, Governance, Human Resources and Marketing.

When you become an ACE member you will get automatic access to support from a credit union trade association that has been in operation for over 20 years and you will be able to ask for valuable advice and support when your credit union needs it. The ACE annual affiliation fees are affordable at 60p per adult member and capped at the rate that you would pay if you reach a membership of 8,000 members.           

Once you are an ACE member you will get access to FREE training sessions that includes the essential subjects including Directors Roles & Responsibilities; Risk Management; Business Continuity and Growth & Strategic Planning.


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ACE Credit Union Services is one of four British credit union trade associations that works on behalf of its members to communicate with the credit union regulators and respond to proposed changes in legal and regulatory changes that will have an impact on credit unions

ACE CUs currently have more than £72m in combined assets, more than £62m in combined savings and almost £35m in combined loan balances. Between them, the 24 credit unions currently affiliated to ACE have more than 73,000 adult members and almost 14,000 junior members. And these numbers are all increasing continually.

We feel it is vital that there is more than one support body so that credit unions and study groups have a choice of organisations in terms of support, representation and training. Without choice, a monopoly situation arises which is invariably not good news for the consumer.

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