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ACE has affordable affiliation fees, kept as low as possible without compromising the quality and level of service provided:

Group 1 members pay an inexpensive annual fee of 60p per adult member, due on the 1st of October each year and based on the number of adult members at the preceding 30st September.

Group 2 members are those credit unions with over 8000 members. They each pay a fixed annual fee of £4,800. This fee does not rise, however many members join the credit union).

Group 3 members are credit unions who are finding it difficult to pay the fees, where the ACE directors have agreed to reduce the fees temporarily to £20 per annum. (The credit union must apply to ACE explaining its financial position and provide a copy of the previous year's audited accounts. This is a temporary status, subject to review each year, provided because ACE considers it important to help small credit unions through difficult times, but it is not sustainable for extensive periods.)

Group 4 members are organisations or individuals with a close association to credit unions for which/whom the fee is £20 per annum. Members in this category may include such organizations as Co-operative Development Agencies and individuals such as independent consultants. They are bound by the same non-disclosure/-sharing restrictions as any other ACE member and will generally be net contributors of information and support to other ACE members.


ACE Credit Union Services was set up as a voluntary service to credit unions in October 1999.

It is one of four trade bodies that provides services to credit unions in Great Britain.

Its income comes from affiliation fees and training fees.

Over the years ACE has grown to represent 26 credit unions and is now a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Some ACE credit unions have several thousand members (the largest credit union affiliated to ACE has over 12,000) whilst others are small to medium in size.

Some are workplace credit unions whilst others serve local communities, or are a combination of both.

Members are charged an annual fee of 60p per adult member.

If you are interested in finding out about the benefits of membership of ACE please contact the CEO Bill

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.