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ACE AGM 2020


The re-scheduled ACE Annual General Meeting will now take place on Wednesday 18th November 2020 at 12.30pm. Due to the continued impact of Covid-19 the ACE Board of Directors has decided to hold a Virtual AGM for the first time in ACE’s 20 year history. Attendance is open to all ACE members with one voting delegate required for each ACE member. Please send Email addresses for each delegate that you wish to nominate along with your single voting delegate to bill.hudson@acecus.org The meeting will begin promptly at 12.30pm and will aim to finish by 13.30pm.

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Bilingual, free and impartial money guidance 

The Money & Pension Advice team have produced bilingual, free and impartial money guidance for your customers, clients or staff. More information is available here

Coronavirus COVID 19

You may have already started to write your own Contingency Plans for the impact of COVID 19. With thanks to all UK Credit Union Trade Associations the factsheet here is not meant to replace or change anything that you have already implemented but it might help those of you who have not yet planned how to respond to the impact of Covid-19 as yet. 


2020 Budget proposes changes to Credit Union legislation 

The Chancellor announced at Budget yesterday that the Government will bring forward legislation to allow credit unions to offer a wider range of products and services to their members, supporting their vital role in financial inclusion. The Budget document is available here, and the specific announcement is on p100.

As the Government conducted a wide-ranging consultation on the future of the credit union sector in 2014, they believe it would be unnecessary to repeat the process at this point. However, HM Treasury is keen to engage with the sector on the specifics of the changes.