Barclays Announces Support Programme for Credit Unions

Barclays has announced their planned support programme for credit unions over the next 4 years.

Barclays is a proud supporter of the credit union sector. Since 2004 and they have given over £4 million to community finance in the UK, supporting over 100 credit unions and CDFIs to innovate and grow. Barclays promotes an agenda of shared growth in the UK and they continue to believe in the crucial role credit unions play in creating a healthy UK economy.

In April 2014 Barclays announced a further £1m of support to the credit union sector over the next four years. Barclays have spent time consulting with the sector on current needs and have now evolved our support into this new programme focused on developing robustly evaluated training and direct support.

The programme will focus on increasing the capacity, skills and resilience of credit unions so they can grow and become more effective and sustainable organisations benefitting even more households.  The new pilot programme is open to all credit unions in the UK, regardless of trade association affiliation. Through this programme, Barclays hope to encourage collaboration, identification and sharing of best practice and the development and enhancement of key skills and operational practices to promote growth and improvements across the sector.

The programme will fund a team of specialists who will work with participating credit unions to explore their key support needs and priorities and then develop and deliver tailored training and support that will help make a sustainable impact in the sector, improving the skills and capabilities of selected credit unions and their members across the UK.

This application is for the first year of the new programme between April 2015 and April 2016. Barclays will select a number of credit unions at the beginning of the programme year, but please note that we will providing the training on a rolling basis throughout the 12 month period.

The application deadline for Year 1 will close at 10:00 am on Monday 30th March 2015. Applications will only be received via email; hard copies will not be accepted. Please send your completed application to: